LED Tube Light

With 50,000 hours lamp life and low energy consumption LIGHTUP LED Tubes virtually save your money on frequently maintenance cost.

LED Bulb

This is a genuine light bulb replacement with a solid-state technology, which provides you reliable lighting solutions with significant efficiency.

LED Square Panel

Lightup LED Square Panel Lights are not only ultra slim with great design, but they also offer you excellent light emitting, high effeciency and long lifespan.

LED Round Panel

Lightup LED Round Panel Lights are not only ultra slim with great design, but they also offer you excellent light emitting, high efficiency and long lifespan.

LED Flood Light

Lightup LED Floodlight is a premium illumination with excellent performance and durability to meet your outdoor lighting requirement.

LED Spot Light

This high performance LED Spotlight offers ideal lighting solutions to suit a variety of commercial and residential needs.

LED Canopy Light

Lightup Canopy Lights are leading, innovative, energy saving luminaires to meet industrial and commercial lighting needs. They are water-proof, dust-proof, and corrosion-proof, execellent replacements of traditonal HID & fluorescent lights.

LED Motor Light

LIGHTUP LED Motor Light provides more visibility of the car to other drivers with better light than the conventional motor light, which contributes a lot to road safety.

LED High Bay

This is a commercial and industrial Luminaire combines high energy efficiency and brightness, effective beam spreads, long rated lifespan and low maintenance, which improve work efficiency and health and safety in warehouses and other dangerous workplaces.

LED Strip Light

LIGHTUP LED Strip Light provides you quality indoor and outdoor lighting with 30,000 hours lifetime and low energy consumption.

LED Down Light

Lightup LED Downlight radiates very little heat, and provides you high brightness and extra-long lifespan, which meet various commercial and residential lighting needs.

LED Grow Light

LIGHTUP LED Grow Light is designed with any customised range of colour spectrum that brings faster growth of plants, bigger yields and better quality for cultivation at low costs.

LED Track Light

Lightup LED tracking light is a powerful illumination that spreads your light effectively, put up huge energy efficiency, and treat our environment friendly.

LED Garden Light

Lightup supplies you dramatic and reliable LED garden lights for your outdoor and landscape lighting solutions.

LED Street Light

Lightup LED street light is an ideal lighting solution for us to save energy, save money and save the earth.